Biorevitalization is a rejuvenation procedure aimed at saturating the deep layers of the skin with moisture, allowing you to achieve the effect of visible lifting and improving the tone of the skin. The essence of biorevitalization is that the highly purified hyaluronic acid gels are injected intradermally with a microneedle.

Hyaluronic acid is produced in the body by itself, that is, by carrying out the procedure of biorevitalization, we do not introduce into the skin an alien substance, but actually deliver that valuable substrate, which is so lacking in the course of time. The lack of hyaluronic acid promotes dehydration of the skin, as a result of loss of its tone, the appearance of dryness and flaking, and the appearance of wrinkles. As a result, the face looks tired and haggard, even if we get enough sleep and eat right, the color becomes dull, the skin is not uniform.

Indications for biorevitalization:

• Dehydration of the skin

• Seborrhea

• Smoker’s skin

• Prevention of photo and chrono aging

• Dull complexion

• Decreased elasticity and elasticity of the skin

• Recovery after aggressive procedures: laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, surgical lifting)

• Skin pigmentation

What is biorevitalization done? What preparations for biorevitalization to choose?

In my practice, I use only quality tested drugs, the benefit of them is now quite a lot. Do not choose a little-known drug of questionable quality at an attractive price – it can cause a serious allergy, which will have to be treated with medication. Biorevitalizants are different: they consist either of hyaluronic acid alone or containing various additives (vitamins, growth factors, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, organic acids). The second group of preparations is also called bioremediation, since besides moistening they have other useful functions – nutrition, prevention of acne, skin regeneration. Also, preparations may contain a different concentration of hyaluronic acid, the higher it is, the more active the drug. Based on each case, I select biorevitalizants individually. The usual course of biorevitalization is 3 to 4 procedures at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. As part of the course, I also combine drugs in terms of density and activity. The first procedures are usually carried out with less dense preparations, and the final ones are more dense in order to achieve a longer lasting effect. As a rule, 2 courses a year are enough to maintain the effect.

The effect of biorevitaliction?

So, when to wait for the effect of the procedure and how it should be. Biorevitalization is, first of all, a prophylactic procedure, which works rather for a delayed result rather than for an urgent recovery. Hyaluronic acid starts the work of fibroblasts, activates their division and normalizes metabolic processes gradually. This takes time. In this regard, the effect of the first procedure is not always visible. Sometimes the patient feels the effect on the 2 -3 procedure, and sometimes even after the course is completed after a while.

What to expect from biorevitalization? The effect of biorevitalization is manifested as follows: the skin looks well-groomed, moistened, the complexion is leveled, the skin is shining from the inside, a fine mesh of wrinkles is straightened. However, if you did not immediately feel all of the above effects, do not despair: the regeneration processes are still running, the biorevitalizator works and the positive changes will not take long, just a little patience.

How to prepare for biorevitalization?

The procedure of biorevitalization is quite simple in itself. Before injections, I put an anesthetic cream on my skin, and then I carry out the procedure. By the time the whole procedure takes 30 – 40 minutes. After the procedure, red spots (a vascular reaction to the anesthetic) may appear on the face, which will take place within an hour. Papules after administration can persist for 1 to 3 days. After the procedure, you should refrain from applying makeup during the first 24 hours, do not visit the sauna, solarium and bath for 10 days.

For 3 – 4 days before the procedure should be abandoned intake of NSAIDs, aspirin, analgesics, as this may increase the risk of formation of bruises and petechiae. Herpetic rashes on the face are a contraindication to biorevitalization!

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